Jakob Alsgaard Bahr (piano)

Jakob Alsgaard Bahr was born on December 13th 1984 and began playing the piano at an age of five. In 2002 he started studying with Professor Anne Øland, and in 2004 he entered her class at The Royal Academy of Music, Aarhus. In 2010 Jakob finished his master degree from the academy, and in November 2012 he performed his debut from the soloist class. During his studies Jakob spent one year in Berlin (08/09) immersing in his musical development.

Jakob is a very active musician. As a soloist he has performed with Aarhus Symphony Orchestra, Odense Symphony Orchestra, the orchestra of the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus, Vejle Symphony Orchestra and the orchestra of the University of Southern Jutland. In June 2013 Jakob won the 2nd prize at the 10th Nordic Piano Competition in Nyborg, Denmark.

Besides his performing career Jakob also has a big passion for teaching. He is teacher  and accompanist at the Royal Academy of Music Aarhus and accompanist at MGK in Sønderborg.

Jakob has received Aennchen and Eigil Harbys Fund’s scholarship in 2011, The Ejnar Hansen Award in 2010, the Sonning Music Scholarship in 2009, Alexander Stoffregens memorial Fund in 2008, Pianist Esther Vagning’s scholarship in 2007, The Jacob Gade Fund in 2006 and J.C. Hempel’s scholarship in 2005.